At Grandes Alpes, guests are welcome to order their favorite dishes at any time of the day or night. The exquisitely varied and balanced menu is designed not to limit your imagination: order whatever you like and whenever you like. Choose the most comfortable place to have a seat: in a spacious private dining room, balcony, terrace, bar, or VIP zone.

Our wonderful team of chefs will fulfill all the guests’ wishes, whether it’s a family meal or a gastronomic dinner with a degustation menu for a large group of friends. The availability of fully equipped kitchens allows the chefs to cook any delicacy of the world, taking into account individual eating habits.

For example, there could be several types of “Olivier” salad during the New Year holidays. A personal butler takes care of the elegant catering and serves guests throughout their stay.

Breakfast can be served at any time throughout the day in the dining room and may be served separately for different members of the family.


December 2021 at the Grandes Alpes Hotel is marked by the opening of a new restaurant by renowned chef Sylvestre Wahid, an adept of modern French gastronomy and winner of two Michelin stars.

The location of the restaurant was not chosen by chance: in Courchevel, Sylvestre Wahid received his second Michelin star in 2012. Identifying himself as an expert in both contemporary gastronomy and modern hotel business, the renowned chef offers the guests of the Grandes Alpes an epicurean journey during the winter vacations. The cozy Sylvestre Wahid’s restaurant with an open kitchen can serve 20 people. If you wish, you can order gastronomic dinners in the apartment to avoid extra interactions.


At Grandes Alpes, Sylvester Wahid is responsible for all menus at the hotel, including:

  •     Private dinners by the chef for several people;
  •     Sylvestre Wahid’s 20-seat restaurant;
  •     In-room dining.

At Sylvestre Wahid’s restaurant, the chef offers a degustation set menu with 10 of his best dishes, including such signature specialties as Roscoff crab and lemon-seaweed dessert.

Sylvester’s signature cuisine is based on the use of high-quality raw and freeze-dried foods and a cooking method without added fats, salt, or sugar.

A veritable symphony of flavors will play out on guests’ plates, and the change of dishes, like a journey, will take them through plains, seas, coasts, valleys, and, of course, the Alpine mountains, where France, Italy, and Switzerland meet. Risotto with lobster (frégola Sarda) will be served with foie gras from the Les Landes region, and radicchio (Italian red salad) will be accompanied by wild duck (Canard de Madame Burgaud).

The interiors of the Sylvestre Wahid’s restaurant were designed in collaboration with decorator Tristan Auer and brought to life by designer Jérôme Bougara, a specialist in contemporary spaces. Together, they have conceived and created a comfortable yet interactive area. 

The velvet ceiling above the elegant room with four tables inspired by the snowy peaks; noble materials such as volcanic stone, dark wood, marble, rusted leather, hammered metal; blackout curtains and table lamps with phone chargers – these are all features of the restaurant of tomorrow. 

Great attention was paid to detail: designer crockery by Isabelle Poupinel, cutlery by Christofle and Bernardeau, and the menu is adorned by exquisite hand-drawn graphic drawings by artist Marie Field.

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