The Bellefontaine brand opens the doors to the world of anti-ageing through unparalleled luxury, for an elite clientele looking for youth and excellence. Bespoke beauty treatments are based on natural and precious ingredients from the Alps, pure water from glaciers and the most recent discoveries in biotechnology, while unique ang revolutionary complex EDELGEN aims to fight against soft inflammation – one of the main causes of skin ageing.

EDELGEN is a unique and powerful complex that can strengthen the skin barrier for an optimum anti-aging protection.
Composed of an edelweiss flower extract, EDELGEN is combined with the benefits of six plant-origin anti-radicals, which work together to combat soft inflammation and provide a potent solution to the effects of oxidative stress.
It helps to soothe and dissipate discomfort while reducing redness, strengthening the skin barrier, preserving its natural hydration and balance and offering improved protection, even for the most delicate skin.
EDELGEN protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun, cold and dryness in the air, while increasing the hydration of its uppermost layers.
It aims to delay the aging process.

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